Chablon bistro offers a pleasing lunch alternative to cheap diners, fast food eateries and overpriced fancy restaurants for the weekdays at affordable prices.


At our small and homely downtown bistro we welcome our guests with daily changing lunch featuring redefined traditional Hungarian dishes, and classics of French, Italian and international cuisine.

Daily Menu

.Starters 460Ft

Main courses 990Ft

Desserts 400Ft


2 courses (soup, main course) 1450Ft

3 courses (soup, main course, dessert) 1850Ft



Our daily menu is changing day by day. You find our actual menu on our facebook site.

Soft drinks:


Mineral water sparkling 3dl 110Ft

Mineral water still 3dl 110Ft

Soda 3dl 110Ft

Home made syrup (mint, elder, elderberries, lavender, ginger, raspberry, strawberry) 3dl 300Ft

Lemonade (lemon, elder) 3dl 390Ft





Espresso 350Ft

Ristretto 350Ft

American coffee 350Ft

Capuccino 450Ft





Balatoncsicsói Szürkebarát 1dl 470Ft

Sabar Olaszrizling 1dl 490Ft

Nyakas Irsai Olivér 1dl 470Ft

Dúzsi Rose 1dl 480Ft

Vylyan Kakas Rozé 1dl 490Ft

Takler Kékfrankos 1dl 510Ft

Lajvér Merlot 1dl 550Ft

Sauska Cuvée 13 1dl 730Ft

Vylyan Cabernet Sauvignon 1dl 1180Ft





Beck's 0,5l bottle 490Ft

Stella Artois 0,5l bottle 510Ft

Karl 0,33l bottle (Réka, Simon, Emlék) 950Ft





Pannonhalmi Peach, Pear, Plum 4cl 990Ft

Pannonhalmi Raspberry 4cl 1200Ft


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opening hours:
from Monday to Friday,
from 11 AM to 4 PM

Phone: (+36) 20 915-7130


Address: 1065 Budapest,

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky st 27.